Larry Lamb

Receiving index matching errors when applying FSL R10.3.1 patches

Discussion created by Larry Lamb on Dec 9, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by jun kong

I've downloaded the Android gingerbread source code, applied the FSL R10.3 patches, and successfully built the u-boot, kernel, and android images.  Now I want to take the FSL R10.3 code base and apply the FSL R10.3.1 patches.  In the i.MX Android R10.3.1 User Guide, it instructs us to apply the R10.3.1 patches to each git.  I follow their instructions, but I'm receiving "error:  ..source_file..:  does not match index"  I understand the patch needs to be applied to a certain version of the source file, but I'm getting this on almost every .git folder so far.  Has anyone been successful in applying these patches to the R10.3 code base?