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How to Programme HSC12 MCU

Discussion created by Kaleem Ahmad on Apr 3, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2007 by DannyM83
Hi every one,

I am trying to programme MC9S12DP512 MCU, its first time I am writing a MC programme,I have written a small program in ICC12, Now I want to program the Flash memory,I am using StarProg and POD12/PRO, I select these settings for Setup of StarProg:

Name: MC9S12DP512 Flash
ECLK: Default

Initially when I pressed ERASE button StarProg erased the memory but after that it is not applying any button. I mean whatever I want to do(Erase, Read, Programme etc) StarProg gives a message:
                    "Can't activate BDM-target Secured? (comPOD12 firmware version 2.31)"

Please guide me what is the problem and how can I programme it.