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texture memory corruption with OpenGL ES 1.1

Discussion created by damian stewart on Dec 4, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2011 by Guillermo Hernandez Gallegos

Hi all,

I'm seeing some bizarre texture corruption issues with OpenGL ES 1.1 on my i.mx53 qsb, running at 1920x1080 (u-boot: setenv hdmi video=mxcdi0fb:RGB24,1920x1080M@60) under X11, using the stock 11.01 Linux installation.

I'm using two FBOs (render-to-texture with glBindFramebufferOES etc.) to allow single buffered drawing with no glClear() between frames -- basically I want successive frames to accumulate. I'm drawing the FBOs to the screen as a pair of textured quads. 

Over time the textures become corrupt: it looks like an occasional issue with the alignment or stride during a texture copy operation, where for example a ~256x256 tile of vertical line textured pixels will be duplicated sporadically elsewhere on the screen, but now with a 30 degree or 45 degree slant. Perhaps they are being corrupted when they are swapped from GPU to CPU memory? 

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not setting a GPU memory size (cf 1080p video on 1080p panel), could this be causing this problem? 

Any advice or comments much appreciated!