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MX31ADS Image Sensor

Question asked by Kevin Francis on Apr 2, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2008 by Ashish Vyas
Does anyone know how to use the Image Sensor that comes with the MX31ADS?  All the User's Manual says is to see a data sheet on the documentation CD, but of course there isn't any data sheet there, and I don't see one online either.  What should you be able to do with the imager "out of the box" with the pre-programmed linux image?  I can run Qtopia but it doesn't see any camera and I can't find a device mapping for it.
Also, the documentation says the image daughter board is an IM8012, but my board says it's an IM88023B1.  Does anyone else have this board?  I cannot find anything with regards to that board online.
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