Noel Vellemans

NAND over PATA_DATA_xx ?

Discussion created by Noel Vellemans on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by KrishnaPavan

Hi all,


I've been digging into sample code and schematics for the iMX53 for some days now.


I'm missing something, the the IO-MUX_tool recommends the connection of a NAND-flash to the PATA_DATA_xx pins, but while looking in the KERNEL-sources 2.6.35.x and UBOOT-sources.


There seems to be none of the eval-boards that has the NAND connected to the PATA_DATA_xx pins but in stead of PATA_DATA_xx but EIM_DAxx used.


It seems that all de definitions of the IOMULTIPLXER for PATA_DATA_xx are missing, or I'm I really looking over something ?

Anyone .. that has a board booting from NAND over PATA_DATA_xx that is willing to share some details / sample code ?



Kind regards Noel.