Phil Brumby

New XGA & WVGA Inflexion UI Android Demos

Discussion created by Phil Brumby on Dec 1, 2011

The latest Adeneo Android BSP (4.1) for the iMX53QSB contains new XGA and WVGA Inflexion UI demo binaries.


What do you get?

  • Inflexion Switcher is the easy way to access all of the demo themes. It also includes a photo browser and full screen photo viewer. Advanced lighting effects and reflections can be seen throughout the UI making full use of the OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware.
  • Inflexion Home is a fully featured Android home screen replacement. It allows users to add widgets and shortcuts and also benefits from a full application launcher; it shows the tight integration of Inflexion with Android.
  • Inflexion IVI is a fully featured In-Vehicle Infotainment UI. Screens include media, navigation, phone and car settings. Users can browse their music collection with a rich touch-based album browser.
  • Inflexion IHD is a fully featured In-Home Display UI. Users can control the temperature and lighting of each room in their house. The power consumption of individual appliances can be monitored and tracked.


To add Inflexion UI demo binaries to the system simply add an inflexion switch to the SD card image flashing instruction:

$ ./ /dev/sdX --inflexion

(See the BSP release notes for Android image building).


Mentor Embedded™ Inflexion™ UI enables users to implement compelling and visually rich user interfaces (UIs) with significantly reduced effort;. From highly animated and visually rich 3D UIs for Android- or Linux-based consumer devices, to Linux- or RTOS-based industrial controllers, Inflexion UI solves many of today’s more demanding UI implementation problems.


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