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interface POE( power over ethernet) to i.mx53 quick start board

Discussion created by anand kalode on Nov 28, 2011

Dear All,

               I am designing 53 board for my project in which i am using power over Ethernet concept. For POE i am using EVB of freescale. i am taking reference from both schematics ( POE EVB & Quick start board) and develop my own PCB which include both circuit.

My query is that, In EVB TD+,TD-,RD+,RD- coming from H2019 and going to RJ45 connector by which i can connect external board with it through ethernet cable. Now i dont want to use this Second RJ45 connector ( J2 in EVB). I want to connect these line TD+,TD-,RD+,RD- of EVB to U17 of i.mx53 quick start board without using J2B( RJ45 conn. on quick start board).


                            Please guide me how i can do this connection.



Anand K.