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CRUX-ARM running on EfikaMX Smarttop -blog archive

Discussion created by Victor Martinez on Nov 22, 2011

CRUX-ARM [1] now supports EfikaMX Smarttop device (iMX51).

Current version is 2.7. There is a documentation webpage [2] where we try to put all the info related to these devices together.


Current working on:

- HardFP ABI currently built and tested [3] (working right but without much feedback to put more hands on)

- Provide an installation method based on a SD card to install CRUX-ARM directly in the SSD.

- CRUX-ARM 2.7.1 version update (based on native builds instead of cross-compilations)

  - One generic (softfp) release without optimizations and probably another one with armv7 optimizations for EfikaMX

  - Another HardFP release optimized for EfikaMX devices. 


CRUX-ARM community can be found here [4]. There are some resources like a irc channel in freenode and a mailing list.

Currently there are two videos (poor quality) to show EfikaMX boot time into a login manager (around 1 minute) and another one which shows Enlightenment (DR17) start/load time and performance. They can be found here [5]