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Using tvp5151 with mxc capture interface

Discussion created by Ananthapadmanaban Gururajan on Nov 20, 2011

Hi All,

interfacing tvp5151 decoder with IMX53 have following issues
1. Currently, I dont have readily available linux driver for tvp5151, instead I can able to locate a driver for tvp5150 driver.
The tvp5150 driver (v4l2_i2c_subdev_init)registering into the platform is done different way compared to IMX provided ov5642 (v4l2_int_device_register) sensor driver.

I did try to detect tvp5151 using tvp5150 code and I got success in detection step of the chip

Log from board
tvp5150 1-005c: chip found @ 0xb8 (imx-i2c)

Based on this, I googled and found a similar compatible decoder
available in
drivers/media/video/mxc/capture/adv7180.c written for mxc capture framework.


My Questions:

1. How to use tvp5150 driver in IMX53 loco board ? is this possible ?

2. I google for this problem and found some similar results. Did any git version of kernel have this support integrated ? If yes, Will you please share the link ...

Thanks and regards,