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GPS android 2.3

Question asked by Kirill Danilenko on Nov 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by doron sandroy


I am trying to get android gps system working. I have a gps module
which output NMEA format data. It is connected to my devboard through
USB and I use standard ftdi driver. It creates /dev/ttyUSB0 interface.
Output speed of gps data is 4800, I change to it with busybox stty -F /
dev/ttyUSB0 4800 from 115200. I downloaded freerunner nmea gps parser
that implements gps.h. Then i put the source file (fr_gps.c) of parser


directory with file

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
ifneq ($(TARGET_PRODUCT),sim)
# HAL module implemenation, not prelinked and stored in
# hw/<GPS_HARDWARE_MODULE_ID>.<ro.hardware>.so
        include $(CLEAR_VARS)
        LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE := false
        LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES := liblog libcutils libhardware
        LOCAL_SRC_FILES := gps_freerunner.c
        #LOCAL_SRC_FILES += gps.c
        LOCAL_MODULE := gps.default
        LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := eng
        include $(BUILD_SHARED_LIBRARY)
   # endif

after compilation i put to


directory and reboot my android. But any map application shows "GPS
disabled couldnt get location".
I didnt set BOARD_GPS_LIBRARIES in greping all files
in source tree I didnt find any file that using it. In source file of
parser I see LOGD messages but logcat didnt show anything. Could
anybody put me on right way, give some advices? googling through web
gives me fractional information about this.