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M52233DEMO + NICHELite (Web Server)

Discussion created by Jesus Conejo on Mar 29, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2007 by Jesus Conejo
Hello. I'm studing the NicheLite with a M52233DEMO Board. In somewhere in the forum i found the solution for doing a Make of the NicheLite's sample project. I have also change the IP, Gateway and Subnet Mask (in  main) for have the board working in my LAN. When i download and start debugging, i get the following message in the Debug window:
Program "example_flash" is executing.
Choose Break from the Debug menu to stop it.
But when i try to connect with the IP i put in main.c I can't connect with the board. There isn't any ping with this IP. What I am doing wrong?.
Thanks for help.