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Can't find Inflexion runtime documentation

Discussion created by Jim Hollister on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2011 by Jim Hollister

When reading through some of the Inflexion for i.MX docs, I found references to some other Inflexion documents I haven't been able to find at the specified location:


"Most product features are documented in the standard documentation for Inflexion UI Runtime, which can be found in the folder <installation_directory>/docs/pdfdocs and comprises the following manuals:

• Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI Runtime for Android User and Reference Manual

• Mentor Embedded Inflexion UI Runtime for Linux User and Reference Manual"


II also saw a mention of the "Inflexion Embedded Runtime User Guide", but haven't found that document either. I expect to need these documents soon. Can anyone verify that these docs exist and/or help me find them?