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Codesize for CW08 v3.1, 5.0 and 5.1

Question asked by Jesper Hæe on Mar 29, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2007 by Jesper Hæe
I am using CW for HCS08GT60 devices an have been for quite some time. Unfortunately I have to develop / service on some designs that use the FLASH almost completely. i am using the -Ou and -Os (-Of also but it has no effect on my code) optimizer options to minimize the code.

Recently I had to make a small change in a design that was originally created using the CW08 3.1. However since it has been some time since I have used the 3.1 and I didn't have it installed. I tried first to build it with the 5.0 version. Then to my amazement the linker was unable to fit the code. Then I tried the 5.1 version and the same thing happened. Finally I gave in an installed the old CW. then it worked. By comparing the map files for a different target (a bit smaller) it seems that the 3.1 is best at the optimization and the 5.0 is approximately 60 byte larger and with 5.1 it is even more.
I can see in the map file that the extra bytes are scattered among the various functions in 1 2 and 3 byte increases.

Is there anyone who knows if this is caused by some error correction in the compiler or is it just random. Should I be considering changing my designs compiled with the 3.1 to the 5.x to for better performance?