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CW5.1, RS08 and Full Chip Simulation

Question asked by cjcarpenter cjcarpenter on Mar 29, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2007 by cjcarpenter cjcarpenter
When I try to do a full chip simulation of an 'RS08 using CW5.1, the simulator reports 
that memory locations $221 (PTAPUD) and $222 (PTASE) -- as seen through the paging window -- are not implemented.  (Location $220 (PTAPE) _is_, however.) 
Certainly, the _simulator_ doesn't care about and of these three locations.  I _do_ though, since my code needs to initialize these locations if I want pull ups and the alleged slew rate protections.
So my question is:  is this just a problem on my CW installation, or is it part of some clever plan by the simulator makers?  
Has anyone else experienced this problem? 
Thanks in advance,