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CodeTest4.3 inserting bad hooks w/ Gnu3.4

Discussion created by Sean Donnelly on Mar 28, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2007 by Sean Donnelly

We have been successfully using CodeTEST 4.3 with the Gnu2.96 C++ compiler for VxWorks 5.5. Out targets are Mpc8360 & Mpc8347. We're now switching to Gnu 3.4 and VxWorks 6.3, and in the new compile, with Instrumentation Level 1, CT is apparently inserting bad hooks into the entry and exit of each function.

The disassembled hooks are as follows:

<existing function entry code here>
lis r9,0@ha
stw r11,0@l(r9)    <---- it crashes here due to store at 0

Does anyone know if CodeTEST 4.3 is compatible with the Gnu 3.4 C++ compiler? Any suggestions as to what might be causing these bad hooks?

Sean Donnelly