Not getting displayed "Hello World, NdkFoo Activity! " and "Hello from native code!" in Basic NDK Application

Discussion created by Srinivasan on Nov 18, 2011

Dear All,

As specified in the below link that is this code will invoke the NDK
method that will return the string, but that is not getting displayed
as an alert on the screen & am not able to see the result of running
the ndkfoo app on the emulator:

Could any body kindly do the needful in getting the below, string on
the screen or could any body provide the exact link for andriod sample
applications development using NDK

After compiling & checking this sample application output only i should start writing the codes for UART, USB, ethernet interfaces w.r.t the IMX53 QSB,

As am running out of time could ne body do the needful as soon as

Many thanks in advance,
Srinivasan S