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PCS for i.MX1 - License Help

Discussion created by Christopher Warnes on Mar 27, 2007
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Hi all,

I have Platform Creation Suite Evaluation along with the i.MX1 BSP (for the M9328MX1ADS Ver 2.0) installed on my RedHat Linux 8.0 Machine, and have obtained an Evaluaton License.dat file but am having no success "installing" the license.

I can find no documentation on exactly where to put the license.dat file, and so have tried it in the /opt directory, as well as the /opt/Embedix directory to no avail.

I have also tried renaming the license.dat file to license.lic as it seems to suggest in the documentation and the .dat file itself, but again with no success.

I have also changed the permissions of both the .dat and .lic files so they can be read outside of the root account, as initially they were not and this was a suggested cause of problems in some of the documentation I found.

Does anyone have PCS Evaluation running successfully with an Evaluation license.dat or license.lic file that could shed any light on the problem and tell me exactly where the file should be placed?

Any help would be most appreciated, as time on the Evaluation license is finite and is running out as I try to battle with the problem.

Many thanks

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