Victor Bartolome

Writing into Flash memory for MC9S12C32

Discussion created by Victor Bartolome on Mar 27, 2007
Latest reply on May 21, 2007 by Daniel Bull

I'm using Flash routines based on the AN2720 download from Freescale to erase/write into the Flash of my MC9S12C32 microprocessor. However, since the coding in the AN2720 files are designed for the MC9S12DP256 microprocessor and are made for memory banks with 64 kb of storage, how would I modify the software files in the AN2720 folder to suit my needs for the SMALL memory for the MC9S12C32? For example, in the flash.c file, I removed all of the "far*" variable names since they are not needed, but I was not sure what else to remove/change in the flash.c file.

Any help would be appreciated.