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How to modify partition size using cfimager utility.

Discussion created by Vishnu patekar on Nov 17, 2011
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I've downloaded the Mfgtools-Rel- from freescale website. We've "cfimager.exe' utility to write eboot.nb0 and NK.nb0 to SD card.


I want to write two NK.nb0 at two different locations in SD card, As cfimager make default 96MB partition on SD card, two NK.nb0 exceeds 96MB size.

How to customize it to make that hidden partition of more size(200MB)?

How to write NK.nb0 at specified location using cfimager ?


Using manufacturing tool it can be customized using UCL script(and it worked), How can we do similar thing using "cfimager.exe'? How to get source code of "cfimager.exe" utility?


Thanks in advance.