Alexander Wy

MX53 Android system platform, module design style

Discussion created by Alexander Wy on Nov 15, 2011

    In past few year Yuanying Tech. always focus on embedded system solution offering, from low end to high end. Our platform including MX25, MX28, MX35 and MX51. From Nov of last year, Yuanying Tech. have started to design MX53 platform based on Android OS. Now, we have successfully finished this project and launched MX53 Android2.3 embedded system platform --- YY- MX53A。


    i.MX53 is Soc processor based on an ARM Cortex A8 as core architecture (with Trust Zone), CPU frequency up to 1Ghz ~1.2Ghz, own 32 Kbyte L1 Instruction Cache and Data Cache, and 256 Kbyte L2 Cache as well. Integrate Neon Coprocessor to enhance its Vector floating point operation ability. To boost multimedia performance, the following hardware accelerators are integrated:VPU – Video processing unit, IPU – Image processing unit, GPU 3D – Graphic Processing Unit (OpenGL ES 2.0 AMD Z430) and GPU 2D – Graphic Processing Unit (OpenVG1.1 AMD Z160). Support multiple format of HD1080P video decode and multiple format of 720P video encode,also support 1080P TV analog video signal output directly。Dual camera CSI interface and dual display interface largely enhance MX53 application field. By means of DVF and Smart Speed technology for smart power management,At the equal performance condition, which can run at the lower power consumption, and perform the great multimedia result。


YY-MX53A is a System Platform based on Android2.3, adopt ext2 file system, designed by Yuanying Technology. i.MX53A own plentiful peripheral interface, such as USB HOST, USB OTG, TVE Output、DVI、VGA、LVDS、Camera CSI input、SDIO and so on, i.MX53L is widely applied various field, including: internet multimedia center/Automotive Infotainment, thin client machine(cloud computer), MID , Home Media Terminal, V2IP, Factory Automation, TV STB, etc. The dual display feature is the most suitable platform for education equipment.


    Also, Yuanying offers the mini system board selling alone, to speed up end customer project design. customer need only focus on the application software design, and largely shorten the time to market cycle. visiting for more details.