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CW6.3 CF - section creation in *.s file error

Discussion created by Yuri Petriaev on Mar 27, 2007
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I have a section created in the *.s file.
Unfortunately this section is not recognized or not shown in the *.xMAP file.
.section .init$00,2,C
.global ___init
; Linker should place .init sections from other modules, containing
; calls to initialize global objects, here.
.section .init$99,2,C
 rts   ; Return from ___init.
In my *.lcf file I reference this section:
.flashdata : AT( ADDR(.flashcode) + SIZEOF(.flashcode) )  {... *(.init) ...} > sdram
Does any one knows what is wrong?
I am using CodeWarrior Development Studio for ColdFire Version 6.3, Build 14.
My target is MCF5307.
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