Zaheer Ahmad

Nand Flash Controller Driver for iMX257PDK 3stack

Discussion created by Zaheer Ahmad on Nov 15, 2011


I am developing my own nand flash controller driver for iMX257PDK and having some issue while reading a page. I am using the default development board. It has K9LBG08U0D-PCB0:


1 Page = (4K + 218)Bytes

1 Block = (4K + 218)B x 128 Pages = (512K +27.25K) Bytes

1 Device = (4K + 218)B x 128 Pages x 8,192 Blocks = 34,512 Mbits

1,024K Pages = 8,192 Blocks


I have configured the NFC controller and implemented the read/write page APIs. Right now I am able to write 1 page and read it successfully but I am getting ECC errors (ECC_STATUS_RESULT1, ECC_STATUS_RESULT2) when trying to read the second page of same block. 95% data I read is correct but read page operation disturb some bytes thats why NFC return ECC error (0xFFFF) in both status registers. 


Is there any chip errata for NFC? 


WinCE has implemented SwapBBI function and it has the following comments for this function:

/ *This function implements the BBI(Bad Block Information) swap workaround for the NFC design flaw. */

Please tell me what is meant by this flaw in NFC design?