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Link file error?

Discussion created by Jerker Fakt on Mar 27, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2007 by Ha Luong
In my link file (xxxx.cmd) there is a line written like this:
OBJECT (F_EntryPoint, Cpu.c)

This line takes the function _EntryPoint in the cpu.c file and puts it exactly here in memory (Where you put the OBJECT(...) line).

When I use this link file by the command line tool "mwld56800" I get the error message that my linker can't find cpu.c, no matter where I put the file.

BUT if I change the line to: OBJECT (F_EntryPoint, Cpu.o)
And refers to the object file instead, the linker stops complaining.

Is this correct?

CodeWarrior 7.3 for DSP56F807
Linker version: 7.0 build 1051

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