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external flash programming with CME-0555

Discussion created by zhang jikang on Mar 27, 2007
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hello,i get a problem when i am trying to download my program into external flash device AM29LV200B using flash programmer.
I download program into AM29LV200B,remove the BDM and power on,It does not run;But when i run the program from AM29LV200B using BDM in codewarrior,it works.i really do not know why!
I use the following development tools and configurations:
1、AXIOM's development board CME-0555 for MPC555
2、codewarrior 8.1 for MPC555
3、P&E Microcomputer BDM debug tool for MPC555
4、use CS0 to select the external flash AM29LV200B,mapping address 0x0-0x7ffff
5、config_switch 2、4 is on,others are all off
6、.cfg file, .lcf file and flash programmer configurations see below