How to use LTIB to get a kernel + root fs as delivered with the i.MX53 START

Discussion created by Rooney on Nov 14, 2011
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I'm absolutely new to Linux, especially Linux on embedded systems, so please forgive me if some of my questions seems to be stupid...


I bought an i.MX53 START board + MCIMX-LVDS1 display and I'm using the VM provided by Freescale including the BSP L2.6.35_11.01.00.


My goal is to develop a Qt application that is running on this board.


I could already compile a new u-boot version from source, the kernel (based on the description at and could successfully set up ATFTP and NFS to boot via network.


The problem with the compiled kernel is that there is no graphic shown. The u-boot variables are correctly set, that has been prooven using the precompiled kernel delivered by Freescale. So I believe the problem is the configuration of the kernel.


Which steps must be executed to build a kernel from source without ltib, that is supporting the complete hardware features of the i.MX53 START?

How to enable LVDS?

The L2.6.35_11.01.00_ER_source.tar.gz includes lots of packages for the root file system? Are they required to support the LVDS display?


I would prefer to build the kernel and the root file system separately without using ltib. But this seems to require lots of patching of different packages.


If I use ltib... how to add additional packages?