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about Windows CE 6.0 at i.MX35

Discussion created by zetta shao on Nov 14, 2011
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Board is customer board, CPU is i.MX353, with MC13892.


Before this problem, Windows CE can suspend and resume regular, at one day, i build a trouble version OS for the board, and can't suspend. suspend process hang at function:

"extern "C" void HCD_PowerDown(DWORD hDeviceContext)"




I clean the NAND flash, and re-burning old version (can suspend/resume) firmware, XLDR, e-boot, NK, but problem still exist, still can't into suspend, I'm only know some non-volatile memory like NAND-flash, eFUSEs at i.MX35 CPU, I clean all of NAND block and confirm eFUSEs does not change between suspend/resume workable board and this problem board.


and what i can insert debug message to any driver? I insert debug message at every  i can found driver that had "xxx_PowerDown" function, the lastest message at "void HCD_PowerDown(DWORD hDeviceContext)" function return.


any idea? 


thanks everyone.