Using 3.3V NAND or SD as i.MX51 boot devices

Discussion created by grantw on Nov 10, 2011

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Question.  Is it possible to use 3.3V NAND or SD devices as boot devices with i.MX51 processor?


Answer.  Default value of register IOMUXC_SW_PAD_CTL_PAD_NANDF_** HVE bit is 1. This means that supply voltage for NVCC_NANDF_x needs to be between 1.65-1.95V (UHVIO_L) or 2.5-3.1V(UHVIO_H).  iROM does not change this value. Applying 3.3V to NVCC_NANF_x may cause problems. If one would like to apply 3.3V to NVCC_NANDF_x, the following sequence is recommended.


1.When powering up i.MX51, apply 1.65-1.95 or 2.5-3.1V to NVCC_NANDF_x.


2.Bootloader sets HVE as 0.


3.Raise NVCC_NANDF_x voltage up to 3.3V.


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