How to support NEON coprocessor under WinCE environment

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Question.  How to support NEON coprocessor under WinCE environment.



  1. Basically, "WinCE6.0 has no "native" support for NEON". Please look for details at the next forum :

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WinCE 7.0 is expected to support it.


  1. As for VFP : Basically (default case) Windows CE floating-point implementation uses software emulation (CE compiler generates call to the VFP library), but an OEM can replace it with an

implementation based on floating point hardware (VFP). ARM VFP requires OAL support for floating-point exception handling, because many critical elements for this exception handling are "Vendor defined".


Note, floating point performance under WinCE can be improved by installing the VFP patch that was available from ARM :


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This library is offered free of charge, as is and officially unsupported, ARM still recommends use of the Visual Studio 2008 with VFP support as the preferred route. Visual Studio 2008 includes a fully enabled VFP compiler for ARM. This enables in-lining of VFP code for optimal performance and is the preferred method for supporting VFP with CE. As with the VFP library, use of this feature

requires either disabling of the VFP exceptions or inclusion of the proper OAL code to handle such exceptions. Details are included in the Visual Studio 2008 compilers documentation.  But note, WinCE 6 requires Visual Studio(VS) 2005.


Finally please take a look at Microsoft help regarding OEM Floating point support.


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