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CW4.5 & 9S12XDT512 - Can driver

Question asked by neeraj sharma on Mar 26, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2007 by Pascal Irrle
Dear Friends
I am working on Demo9s12xdt512 EVB with code warrior 4.5.i am using can driver which is already can driver there s one file xgCAN.h.there s  some register setting  for hardware initialization selects 4 x16 bit filtet bt it selects only dar0-1 and mr0-mr1 filter.i am little bit confused wht to do this.
#define CANIDAC_CAN0  IDAM0      /* 4 x 16-bit filters */ 
 #define CANIDAR0_CAN0 0
#define CANIDAR1_CAN0 0
#define CANIDMR0_CAN0 0xFFFFFFFF /* mask all bits */
and suppose i want to choose Id 0x700 then what is the value of IDRO-3 and IDMR0-3 pls help me out...i m new for this field.
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