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ltib not compiling

Discussion created by Alexander Keller on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by AdCmo

I am having trouble getting ltib to compile. When I run ltib I get this error 


ltib cannot be run because one or more of the host packages needed to run itare either missing or out of date or not in ltib's standard path.  Pleaseinstall/upgrade these packages on your host.  If you have your own utilitiesin non-standard paths, please add an entry into the .ltibrc file for example:



Package          Minimum ver    Installed info

-------                -----------            ---------------

zlib                       0             not installed

rpm                       0             not installed

rpm-build                0             not installed

ncurses-devel         0             not installed


Died at ./ltib line 1397.traceback: main::host_checks:1397  main:542

Started: Thu Nov 10 20:42:17 2011Ended:   Thu Nov 10 20:42:20 2011Elapsed: 3 seconds

Build Failed




I have installed zlib from the zlib website, but ltib stills said that zlib has not been installed. I think the issue is that tlib is looking in  a default directory for the zlib files but that directory is not where I installed zlib. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to change the directory where tlib looks for the zlib files. 


Thanks for your help.