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CW8.1 PPC - Starting a CodeWarrior Project for CME555

Discussion created by Andrei Danaila on Mar 24, 2007
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Hi Everyone

This is a very beginner question, I've recently got my CME-0555 from Axiom and I would like to start a project in CW 5.5 (full version). I am reading the instructions that are provided with the board in concerns to starting such a project however I am a little confused.

The instructions go as follows
1. "Select File/New"
2. Select PowerPC EABI Stationery, type a project name, type a directory for this project and click OK.

My problem is that nowhere in CW does it say that anything about "PowerPC EABI Stationery" when I go to File->New. The choices which I see are "Empty Project", "EPPC New Project Wizard" and "Makefile Importer Wizard".

How do I get out of this problem to create a project for the Axiom CME-0555 target?

Thank you

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