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CW S08 5.1 - Using 802.15.4 v1.063 in the XBEE modules of maxstream

Question asked by Marcela Saavedra on Mar 24, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2007 by Pascal Irrle


Im trying to load the code of 802.15.4 v 1.063 that freescale has online in my XBee module of Maxstream.

I open the code "myWirelessApp.prm" in the codewarrior version 5.1 and make the changes maxstream say in the Codedevelopmet.pdf file, then I compile and export the .hex file that is generate to the X-CTU upload/XBEE folder, then create the .mxi file and try to write the firmware in the module. It looks like the firmware was write ok but then nothing happens.
It is suppose to write in the therminal "MyWirelessApp01"is ready .
But it does nothing

I want to know if there can be any problem with the version of the code warrior or the version of the 802.15.4 cus Maxstream CodeDevelopment.pdf is intent to the 802.15.4 version 1.061.

Please if you can help me to solve this problem I will apreciate it

Thanks in advance


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