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Dual Display on EVK board

Discussion created by Ankur Maheshwari on Nov 9, 2011
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Can anyone suggest how do I get dual display VGA and LCD working on EVK board.

I could see EVK supports VGA, LCD and LVDS.

By default display is coming on LCD i.e. without any u-boot passed command line argument.

Looking at forums and and IMX53UG.pdf I understood that I need to pass multiple video= argument and VGA port will start working. (all the docs are mentioning about QSB or SABRE)


Mainly I followed following link and got Ubuntu up and running on EVK board with LCD touch display


But on same trial as mentioned on link, VGA did not come up. I tried VGA, VGA-XGA, 800x600, 800x480 - 16@60/55 options but still could not see anything on VGA monitor. Also I did unblanking of fb from /sys/class/graphics/fb[0/1/2]/blank but of no use for VGA case.

I am finally looking into /arch/arm/mach-5x/mxc53_evk.c file fb_data structure, it provides CLAA-WVGA (I understand its for LCD) and 1024x786M-16@60 (may be for VGA, but looks to usually used for HDMI in imx53 boards variant).

I feel I am missing some info, I have raise same query to freescale tech support, but they are yet to comeback... I don't know how much time that shall take.


If anyone of you have tried dual-display on EVK, please let me know setting/changes...


Thanks in advance