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How to dynamically change resolution on console based on i.MX5x and Android

Discussion created by Oliver Chen Employee on Nov 9, 2011

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Here we suppose we are using Android R10.3 and i.MX53 SMD board. Of course, it can work on other release and board.

1. bash-3.2#  cd  /sys/class/graphics/fb0

2. bash-3.2#  cat mode  

    /* the show the current display modeFor example*/





4. bash-3.2# echo 1 > blank   /* blank off the display because the switching noise*/

5. bash-3.2# echo D:800x600p-60 > mode  /* switch display mode to SVGA */

6. bash-3.2# echo 0 > blank  /* enable display again */

7. at this point, the display may have issue, then need to restart the servicemanager, use ps to find out the process ID of the servicemanager and kill it and android will restart the serviceFor example:

    bash-3.2# ps

       USER     PID   PPID  VSIZE  RSS     WCHAN    PC         NAME

       system    2085  1     816    252   803292bc 6fd0b6fc S /system/bin/servicemanager


    bash-3.2# kill -9 2085   /* servicemanager is killed and will be restarted */


8. then the service manager will restart and the UI should be showed again at the needed / requested display resolution.