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CW PPC ISA - glibc ("GCC Toolchain") upgrade

Discussion created by Michael Benedict on Mar 23, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2007 by Thierry Giraud

Is there a place that the "GCC Toolchain" format is documented? Or are newer versions available? Specifically, the application I am porting uses POSIX message queues, so I need at least glibc 2.3.4. However, it looks like the "gcc toolchain V3.4.3" uses glibc 2.3.3. Is there a later toolchain available for download? Other suggestions?

I am running CodeWarrior Development Studio for PowerPC ISA, Linux Application Edition, ver 2.6, Build 60213 targeting an MPC8349e-mITX reference board.

Thank you!

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