MCF5234 PIT Problem

Discussion created by sirlenzelot on Mar 23, 2007
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I try to get PIT0 running. Everything works fine so far. As PIT Counter reaches 0 my ISR is called. Bus as it is leaved, I get Interrupt 2 (Access Error).
Do I need to do anything else but set PSCR.PIF = 1 in my ISR in order to reset the PIT Interrupt?
PIT0 Setup and ISR:
PMR.OVW = 1;
PMR.PM = 0x8F0D;PCSR.PRE = 0xB;PCSR.PIE = 1;PCSR.DBG = 1;PCSR.RLD = 1;PCSR.EN = 1;void PIT0_isr(void){     PIT0.PCSR.B.PIF = 1;}

Did someone have a similar problem and solved it?
Thanks for your help.
best regards (vy73)
Sir Lenzelot