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M52223EVB Interrupt Vector Question

Discussion created by Bob Johnson on Mar 22, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by Manjula devi
Sorry if this is an newb question but here goes....
I'm using all the standard Code Warrior 6.3 code which came with me M52223 Eval Board. I'm having some trouble getting the interrupt vectors to work. I've enabled interrupts on a few peripherals like the PIT, RTC, and ADC. I can verify that the interrupts are firing, however I added some code to the irq_handler function in Int_handlers.c which never seems to execute. So basically my irq_handler function in Int_handlers.c is never being called.
A previous post reccomended I call this function: mcf5xxx_irq_enable (), however that hasn't helped either. I haven't touched the vectors.s file as it seemed all the peripherals I am testing are pointing at irq_handler.
Basically I'm wondering if there is some simple step I am missing.
Thanks in advance.