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WinCE Redundant boot on I.MX28 Rom code error HTLC0x8050100f

Question asked by Marc Coussement on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by markwilliams


I have a problem using the WinCE redundant boot feature as explained in the

Freescale Windows Embedded CE 6.0 reference manual" chapter 14 NAND redundant boot" see attachement on the IMX28 EVK

We get error Rom code error HTLC0x8050100f


After loading the image with the imageUpdate.exe tool.The update reports update successfully, system will reboot please wait and a restart is occurring (as expected).

However, on  the debug port we see the following debug info:

rebooting... ...


When we push the reset button, the only thing that is happening is a print of the same last error code.
To recover we have to disconnect the power and reconnect it again.

Now everything is starting up again but after the image starts we got the
following question:

Do you want to recover boot stream two? Probably as a result of the unfinished update.  (recovery works fine)


Is there a list of the rom error codes for the imx28?

Any help appreciated