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HC908GP32 - How to use the ATD at 20KHz

Discussion created by Cho Sau Ngai on Mar 22, 2007
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Hi all,
Anyone can teach me how to use the ATD at 20KHz sampling rate.
void ATDInit(void) {
//UINT8 atdc;
//10 bits unsigned no prescler
ATD1C = 0x80; // /* ATD1 Control Register; 0x00000050 */
ATD1SC = 0x60; // /* ATD1 Status and Control Register; 0x00000051 */
ATD1PE = 0x01;

i use the internal clock only which should be 4Mhz. I know the conversion frequency is 0.5MHz - 2MHz right?
So in order to achieve 20KHz, what can do, use a timer??

thank you very much!

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