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soc_camera on imx53

Discussion created by Joshua Parrish on Nov 3, 2011
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Hello I was hoping to get some help launching a soc_camera driver in linux. 

The camera is an ov7725, using the ov772x driver under the soc_camera drivers in the kernel menu config. 

I've insmoded the driver onto the ubuntu start board rootfs. The problem is the platform data needed to launch the camera successfully.

Has anyone had luck using a soc camera driver with the imx53 using i2c and the csi interface. 


If so what platform data did you give the driver in the board file?


static void camera_pwdn(int pwdn)


 gpio_request(DISP0_RESET, "csi0-pwdn"); gpio_set_value(DISP0_RESET, pwdn); gpio_free(DISP0_RESET);

static struct mxc_camera_platform_data camera_data =


 .analog_regulator = "DA9052_LDO7",

 .core_regulator = "DA9052_LDO7",

 .mclk = 24000000, .csi = 0,

.pwdn = camera_pwdn,


static struct i2c_board_info mxc_i2c1_board_info[] __initdata =


{ .type = "sgtl5000-i2c", .addr = 0x0a, },

{ .type = "sii9022", .addr = 0x39, .irq = IOMUX_TO_IRQ_V3(DISP0_DET_INT), .platform_data = &sii9022_hdmi_data, },

{ .type = "ov772x", .addr = 0x21, .platform_data = (void *)&camera_data, },