Al Hauer

LTIB/u-boot corrupts smc911x NIC

Discussion created by Al Hauer on Nov 2, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by michaelst

I have a brand new i.MX53 Sabre (ARD) board.  When I use the factory linux SD to boot, the ethernet controller is found, and the u-boot command "dhcp" works.  After using LTIB to create u-boot, linux kernel, and linux rootfs SD card, and booting with that SD card, the u-boot monitor reports Net: smc911x: Invalid Chip endian 0x7fbf7fbf.  Then, tried to use factory linux SD again, and problem remains.  Something incorrect has persisted.  Anyone seen similar issue and know how to repair?  I'm using u-boot 2009.08 with recent "./ltib -prep  -p u-boot" command.

Thanks, Al.