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Running "Lean and Mean" on a travelling laptop

Discussion created by cjcarpenter cjcarpenter on Mar 22, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2007 by Mark Hotchkiss
OK -- I have CW loaded on my Win98 laptop, and I am impressed.  But my sole, only and exclusive interest is in writing assembly language for the 'RS08 -- and it's clear that CW5.1 does a whole lot more than this.
So my question is:  which files can I safely delete from my CW5.1 folder to get down to a lean, mean RS08-asm machine?   Does anybody here have a script for euthanizing unneccessary files from Code Warrioin this context?
My usual practice is to move anything with a ".h" or ".c" or ".cpp" extension to a "trash" folder and then see if I can still do an assembly.  If so, everything in the trash folder goes to code heaven.  Will that work here?