Nathan Sullivan

OTG broken with 2.6.38

Discussion created by Nathan Sullivan on Nov 1, 2011
Hello all,  I was trying to get the 2.6.38 kernel to build and run, and everything works fine except USB. The kernel log buffer shows a "transceiver not found" error, and only the device-only port (closest to the ethernet) works. Also, plugging in anything causes a kernel oops, specifically an IRQ 14 that is not handled. That's the IRQ for the OTG port IIRC, which is odd...  I would use 2.6.35, but that kernel only frequency scales down to 400MHz for some reason. With 2.6.38 it goes down to 160MHz.  I am using the LTIB from the L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER_source.tar.gz to build both these kernels.