Jonas Elofsson

Video playback using Qt on i.mx53

Discussion created by Jonas Elofsson on Nov 1, 2011
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I'm currently struggling to get video playback working on i.mx53 using GStreamer, Phonon (and it's backend to Gstreamer) and Qt.


Video currently plays in Qt, but it uses SW codecs (too slow, and also blue/red are swapped). Using gst-launch I can play video without problems (actually, it looks fantastic!).


Browsing around I found a new and rewritten backend for Phonon that seems to use playbin2 in GStreamer. This might actually solve things for me, as this is what I use when using gst-launch. The problem is to build it for i.mx53.


Has anyone managed to build this new backend or found another way to use the HW codecs when playing video in Qt on a i.mx53?


Happy for anything that pushes me in the correct direction...


Best regards, Jonas