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i.MX28 - missing/more documentation - tools - elftosb/on-chip bootloader/Mdg

Discussion created by Jakob thomsen on Nov 1, 2011
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hi, working with i.MX28 target…

Missing tools as arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi-objdump and arm-fsl-linux-gnueabi-readeif for disassembling of SB format? Also missing information about project when to find it…documentation for sb format? It this elftosb tools a tool from Freescale… Some more documentation for i.MX28 on-chip bootloader and Freescale’s Mfg tool will also be great.

Has build elftosb-10.12.01 BSP, trying to use sbtool… but only information man can get using sbtool…(Number after option “-x” seems to be don’t care.) 

user@ubuntu:~/imx28"/ltib/rpm/BUILD/elftosb-10.12.01/bld/linux$ ./sbtool -x 2 /home/user/imx28/ltib/rootfs/boot/imx28_ivt_linux.sb

---- Boot image header ----

Signature 1:           STMP

Signature 2:           sgtl

Format version:        1.1

Flags:                 0x0001

Image blocks:          149665

First boot tag block:  9

First boot section ID: 0x00000000

Key count:             1

Key dictionary block:  7

Header blocks:         6

Section count:         1

Section header size:   1

Timestamp:             373394059000000

Product version:       999.999.999

Component version:     999.999.999

Drive tag:             0x0000

SHA-1 digest of header:

    0x00000000: e3 e5 e9 87 6c f5 f2 68 f3 26 11 6d 7d 73 05 46

    0x00000010: da 37 a2 1e

Header digest is correct.


---- Section table ----

Section 0:

    Identifier: 0x0

    Offset:     10 blocks (160 bytes)

    Length:     149653 blocks (2394448 bytes)

    Flags:      0x00000001

                0x1 = ROM_SECTION_BOOTABLE


---- Key dictionary ----

error: the image is encrypted but no key was provided