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interrupt table: IDE version 5.5.1272 microcontroller MC9S12C32

Question asked by Randy Woods on Mar 20, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2007 by bigmac

I am attempting to setup the port p interrupt on a MC9S12C32 process (NanoCore from technological arts) as shown below.  I am trying to use the interrupt to read in a 1 Hz signal from a Real Time Clock therefore, I set Port P up as an input and enabled the interrupt inside the PIEP register (although just to write the declaration I should not even need to do this).


interrupt 56 void 1Hz_handler(void) // port P5

I keep getting an error stating that this is an invalid number.  I have counted up in the vector table several times and I keep getting Vportp to be 56.  Has anybody used the port p vectors? 


When I looked in the Device user guide (MC9S12C32) it shows up as interrupt 37 when the reserved interrupts are removed from the counting.  I attempted to use 37 as the interrupt and this gives the same error "C2704: Illegal number".  When I looked at the code warrior file the interrupt would be 56.