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EPHYCTL0 initialization

Discussion created by valentina lomi on Mar 19, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2007 by Mark Butcher
I've a question about EPHYCTL0 initialization:
in the Codewarrior sample code for M52235EVB mcf5223_sysinit.c, specifically in the routine mcf52235_gpio_init, I find the following lines:
//Enable EPHY module with PHY clocks disabled
 //Do not turn on PHY clocks until both FEC and EPHY are completely setup (see Below)
 //Enable auto_neg at start-up
 //Enable EPHY module
 //Let PHY PLLs be determined by PHY
In the Freescale MCF52235RM manual, it is recommended to "clear" DIS100 and DIS10 bits before setting EPHYEN to 1.
1) What is intended by saying "clear": shall I set those bit to 0 (making EPHY determine PLL states)?
 Why then the sample code puts those bit to 1 disabling PLLs?
2) Is the state of DIS10 and DIS100 latched when EPHYEN is set to 1? If it is, why in the sample code EPHYCTL0 is changed AFTER EPHYEN has already been set?
Thank you for any clarification.