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MX233 LCD flicker

Discussion created by yfwong yfwong on Oct 26, 2011

I have attached a 240x320 RGB LCD to MX233. LCDIF is configured to DOTCLK mode, pixel clock is 10Mhz and vsync is 60Hz.

The framebuffer driver is using double frame buffer. It is OK to display a still picture. As a test, the two buffers are initialized in different color. Then, I run a test app which calls ioctl FBIOPAN_DISPLAY to switch between the two buffers and flicker happens.

I have traced the driver, ioctl FBIOPEN_DISAPLY simply updates the register HW_LCDIF_NEXT_BUF. I am not sure if the flicker caused by updating HW_LCDIF_NEXT_BUF or some other reasons.