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Is CW Really this bloated?

Question asked by cjcarpenter cjcarpenter on Mar 19, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2007 by cjcarpenter cjcarpenter
I have an RS08 evaluation board coming, and thought I'd get a jump on things by downloading the software from Freescale.  When I try to install this package though, the setup program informs me that the software requires a 500MHz PC with 256MB of memory!  Can that be right?  
That's F***A***T! 
The installer tells me that with less speed and memory, I should expect some degredation of performance.  But then the software simply refuses to install at all!
(Well, I guess that's degraded performance:smileyhappy:)
Any work-arounds to this?  Seems INCREDIBLE that it takes 256MB to support the RS08!