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Read/Write on EEPROM

Discussion created by Jesus Ortiz on Mar 16, 2007
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I'm working with MC9S08DZ60 and I have a problem that I can't solve because I don't find the information in the data sheet (MC9S08DZ60.pdf). On page 52, paragraph 4.5.3. "Program and erase comand execution", the first step says "Write a data value to an address in the FLASH or EEPROM array". How can I do this with CodeWarrior and C code (not assembly)?

For example, if I want to write the data 0x33 in the EEPROM address 0x1650, I have tried the following:

0x1650 = 0x33;

But when I compile, the application goes into error.

Other question for you is: how can I read directly from an EEPROM address?

I know this issues are quite simple, but I'm starting to program microcontrollers and those kind of troubles are the worst for me, because they don't appear in the datasheet and I can't solve them by reading the documentation.